NEO - String Pack

All in one ultra-light harnas

Harnas, concertinabag en rugzak in één

A little known secret of light and comfortable mountain packs, is that the best ones are ergonomic and compact. Typically, ergonomic mountain backpacks are based on a rigid frame, which is not compatible with a paragliding harness. Our idea was to make your wing the compact frame: you pack it into a folding bag, and not only does this bag make glider-packing easier, it also forms an ergonomic structure which greatly increases the comfort and efficiency of the pack. With a total weight of just 1030g, the String Pack is a combination harness, backpack, and folding bag. The String Pack is not reversible. The backpack shoulder straps are the same in flight mode and carry mode; comfort could not be higher for such a light harness.


Maten one size fits all Certificering EN1651 Details NEO website Kosten € 400,- (excl. karabiners) Buy
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