Madeira, the island with 50 shades of green, surrounded by the deep blue ocean, is a true outdoor paradise. Loved by hikers, bikers, divers and paragliders for many years, the island is now ready to invite BASE jumpers. In 2016 some exits were opened and in 2017 Madeira hosted the first Mad'Air BASE event. In 2018 more exits were opened and for the 2019 edition we have some new exits as well. With more than 300 flyable days a year, the passenger seat of tandem paragliders offers one of the best “objects” to perform a para-BASE jump.

The event opens the possibility to legally jump from three different bridges when the police is blocking the street for the jumpers. Some other exits are on private property, like buildings, cable cars and viewing points. The exit at Porto da Cruz requires an hour of hiking and it is unlikely you find the exit without our guidance . If it is not the exits that aren’t easy to find, it is the landings that require briefings. So, if you want to go to Madeira for BASE jumping, the best way is to join the Mad’Air event. But, the main reason to come with us, is to share the fun with other jumpers and get that adventurous holiday feeling!

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The exits we have planned are buildings, bridges, cliffs and paragliders. Access is easy, only one requires one hour of hiking but is great for nature lovers. In 2019 we have a surprise exit that is new on the event!


The third edition of the event is held from 16 to 20 may 2019. That means that we come together on 16th and have four days of jumping, ending on 20th. Fly back on 21st or take some more days to explore the island.

Tandem fligths

Invite your not-jumping friend to the Mad'Air party as well! We offer accommodation for € 150,- during the event for your partner and the possibility to book a paragliding tandem flight for € 50,-.


Need some BASE gear? Visit for the best gear and advice. We are dealer of Adrenaline containers and Atair canopies. Get 10 % discount if you join the event!

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These are just some of the regulary asked questions. Do you have another question? Most likely we are on an adventure somewhere in the mountains, jumping out of planes or soaring the Dutch dunes. Anyway we are just an e-mail away from you. Just give us a message for more information. Blue Skies!

You have to be an experienced jumper. All jumps require good skills, because the landing area's on Madeira are small and unforgiving. To get to the exit point at Eagles Rock you need to be able to hike for one hour up the rock, at some points exposed and other parts through dense jungle... but most is on a well maintained foordpath. If you are not sure you are experienced enough, just contact us!

Peter Blokker (a.k.a. Pedro Verticalo) is an all-round mountain sports athlete and adventure guide with “impossible” climb&fly projects under his belt. Besides a BASE jumper he is an experienced paragliding tandempilot, inviting you to jump from the passenger seat, if not thermalling up with your girlfriend!

JP de Kam is a stuntman, fire artist and freerunner, but it’s his skill in a wing that’s his true strength. He opened the Victory-exit, the first wingsuit BASE jump on Madeira island, and he’s focused on opening more beautiful lines! For the best show, come along and explore the island with this guy!

The event is only made possible by the support of the local authorities and the very enthousiastic organization of the logistics by the Porto da Cruz football club. Marco Câmara, Duarte Fernandes, Emanuel Spinola and Bombas are some of the local heroes we can't jump without!

The fee is € 295,- and includes five nights in a great apartment, transport around the island, a para-BASE jump from tandem, site guiding, landing briefings, supersexy Mad’Air T-shirt. Most lunches and dinners are also served for free

The best impression of the 2018 event can be watched on youtube.


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